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Digital, a must

4 May 2018

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Digital, a must

At a time when the digital ecosystem has changed consumer behavior, brands must review their marketing strategy.

In this digital context, desires are no longer the same. But then, what should brands do to put their prospects in their pocket?

Develop relevant content

It is no longer enough to talk about yourself to sell. With the change in consumer behavior following the arrival of digital, brands must review their approach technique in order to best attract their prospects. In other words, it is no longer a question of pushing its offers towards a consumer overloaded by the overabundance of advertising, but it is rather a question of interesting the prospect by approaching subjects which are the solution to his problems, questions, research.

Today, the prospect himself searches for information on a product or service on search engines, he compares the different brands, forms his opinion through forums and discussions with his friends.

This is where creating relevant content makes sense. The ideal would be to create a “blog” tab on your website. On this one you could create content adapted to prospects, that is to say content highlighting your expertise and know-how, bringing them real added value, not to mention your products directly. Internet users are looking for an answer to their question and your blog post could be the answer.

Engager des conversations

Your prospects seek answers to their questions in groups, forums, from influential peers, etc. Position yourself as an average person who would simply answer a user’s question. To impose your brand image, regularly respond to conversations in groups or forums in order to position yourself as the sympathetic expert who will have enabled the Internet user to move forward in his thinking and in his quest.

Have a personalized tone

Once your prospects have arrived on your blog posts, retrieved the information they are looking for and your posts have positioned you as an expert on the subject, it is worth offering them valuable content. added higher to the articles. These are ebooks, webinar, training or other that you can offer them in exchange for an email. In this way, by offering them content with high added value, they will have an easier time communicating their email to you and this then constitutes a database of qualified prospects. You will then be able to email them content related to what they gave you their email.

The content of the emails will be personalized by introducing them with the first name of the prospect, using a language used by the latter and promoting a close relationship. These must have a link to the digital content they have downloaded in order to fuel their interest in it. This will allow them to learn all the more about the subject and will bring them ever closer to the act of purchase.

You have then built a relationship of trust between you and your prospects. Thanks to your content, they were able to become aware of your expertise and you pass on knowledge to them for free. Everyone likes to receive bonus content, it allows everyone to learn a little more about the subject, to see your expertise and ultimately be ready to make a purchase.

We are a web marketing agency and create email content for our clients. We can, with your help for writing the content of an eBook for example, relay it during an emailing campaign. This will bring you traffic to your eBook which is on your website and thus inform your target about your expertise. Contact us at 514-500-4330 or for more info.

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