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Boost your digital approach with video

Promotional video

Attract and hold the attention of your customers, prospects or business partners with a video promoting your products, your services or your company.

Event coverage

Immortalize the preparation, the realization and the post-mortem of your event. Broadcasting this video will allow your event to have a longer impact and reach a wider audience.

Video of testimonials

Accelerate the conversion of your prospects!
Use social proof to reassure and convince, whether for your marketing or your recruitment.

Explanatory capsules

Reinforce your marketing strategies with a video with a clear and easy-to-remember message and become a key player in your field.

    • Analyze your needs in terms of visibility to produce a video that integrates effectively into your marketing strategies,
    • Determine which platform to use to broadcast your video, so that it is seen and heard by your target audience,
    • Brainstorming, creation of scripts and storyboards, technical preparation,
    • Search for actors, extras and filming locations,
    • Creation of an editorial calendar.
    • Video shooting according to the required location,
    • Animation, motion design and video mapping,
    • Shooting studio with green screen on our premises,
    • Drone shots for breathtaking aerial views.
    • Adding voiceovers, subtitles, visual and sound effects, until delivery of the final files,
    • Adaptation and distribution of your audiovisual content on the platforms where your target audience is located (website, event, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.),
    • Monitoring the performance of your content with video (performance of digital campaigns and your site – number of views, engagement and duration).


Diversified projects

See for yourself the creativity of the box

  • Montreal Dîner en Blanc 8th edition

    Revolution of the event concept with celebrity chefs, influencers and various media. Sponsored by Zeste, J.P. Chenet Ice, Lacoste, Boursin. Held in downtown Montreal at a location kept secret until the last minute.

  • Snow Polo Tremblant

    First snow polo competition in Canada, with over 2,000 spectators. Sponsored by L'Oréal, Landco, Hotel Quintessence and Intrawest, among others.

  • Launch party of Oystermania 10th edition

    Media night of the Oystermania gastronomic festival, sponsored by Moët & Chandon and Poissonneries Odessa.

  • Maxim Grand Prix

    Montreal Formula 1 Weekend Event at Windsor Station.

  • Animation Omerto

    Promotional clip: 3D animation of Omerto Cocktail bottles.

  • SuccessFinder Promotional Capsule

    Promotional video created to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SuccessFinder product.

  • Oystermania logo

    Animated logo for the 11th edition of Oystermania

Video Production

Differentiate yourself from your competitors, it's in the box!

Sales, recruitment, branding: video helps you in all stages of business growth

You’ve got questions? Answers right here!

Why integrate video content into my digital strategy?

Audiovisual content has several advantages to strengthen your digital strategy:

  • More engaging, which brings emotions to life,
  • Generates traffic to your website,
  • Easily becomes viral content,
  • Optimize the natural referencing of your site.
I have a video production project, but I don't know where to start?

Before starting any video production project, we take the time to discuss with you your brand, your target audiences and your goals. From this information, we create a strategy that meets your expectations.

Throughout the production process, we work hand in hand to bring your vision to life.

Do we need actors or can we be the protagonists ourselves?

Both options are possible.

Following our first meeting, we will be able to determine which type of audiovisual content is best suited to your needs.

If you, or members of your team, are comfortable in front of the camera, we will be happy to make them the protagonists of your production!

If not, it is also possible to make content with animations, a voiceover, or other techniques that allow you to vary the content.

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