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Back-end developer

Job offer details

We are currently looking for a new back-end developer who will support Redbox Media in its strong growth.

Intermediate to senior

  • Tasks and responsibilities

    • Development of websites and interactive platforms,
    • Work with integrators, designers and project managers to deliver projects,
    • Updating existing sites,
    • Solving technical problems,
    • Server management,
    • Documentation of the work on the various projects.
  • Qualifications required

    • Experience in web development, 4 years minimum,
    • Excellent knowledge of WordPress and Woocommerce; development of themes and extensions,
    • Good knowledge of Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP (OOP) / HTML / CSS / Javascript (jQuery),
    • Bilingual: Fluency in spoken and written French and English,
    • Enthusiasm, ability to work in a team and good judgment,
    • Assets: Knowledge of RESTful APIs, WHM/cPanel, Vue, React, Angular, etc.
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